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What's new? With Marilyn, there is always something new that she is researching and applying to better help you improve your life. People even contact her from Pakistan, Australia, Europe, other countries, and around the United States. Her passion is helping you to find your true self. All of her efforts are directed in assisting you to discover your purpose and mission while you enjoy the life you were meant to live.

Enjoy reading Marilyn's story in the new book, "God In Real Life" by Kevin J. Todeschi, pages 135-136.

As a counselor, she coaches you to own your own power and self-esteem while becoming fearless. In classes and lectures she speaks from her experience, knowledge, and wisdom to enhance your life style. Her readings are assisted by her angels and others on the other side. She can assist in talking to your loved ones passed over. This brings joy and healing to family and friends.

Marilyn employs numerous types of methods to help you achieve your health, happiness and prosperity. Her loving techniques and course of action are effective, efficient, and reasonable. These techniques range from traditional therapy, alternative methods of regression, and past life regression. Her angels bring information to her, insuring clients are happy with their results.

She calls flower essences "vitamins for the soul". They act the opposite of drugs and raise your energy for your emotions to flow. It is possible to talk to your body to gain healing information. Your body wants you to be well and it will tell you in hypnosis the facts. There are solutions and answers for your personal health issues and transformation into a higher perception.

As she carries on her research in spiritual truths, Marilyn's experience continues to expand. Her unending effort to encourage your spiritual growth, while continuing to learn and grow herself, is a full time career. Marilyn shares her newest wisdom and discoveries keeping you in the current flow of knowledge. She wants you to find the "Real You" and change your life into the love which is your birthright.

Marilyn loves to write. Read her over 100 articles on GroundReport.com. Her articles, columns, news releases and Letters to the Editor are read by thousands. Her forthcoming book, "Pardigm Busters, Reveal the Real You" is a guide to the process that has worked for her and her many clients. Marilyn's first book, "Roses Have Thorns, Encouragement on Evolving from Pain to Joy", chronicles her life before she found the knowledge that altered her life. This book and many others are available on Amazon.com. In addition, her DVD for spiritual tools for "Domestic Violence" and its sequel of "Empowerment".

Check out her events on this web site. Don't miss her workshops and lectures. Check out her topics for your potential programs on this site. They are always a big hit. Her powerful seminars, college classes, and media appearances on television and radio are always a happy success. Enjoy Marilyn's radio interviews and many radio shows available for your enjoyment. Her art work is available and she often does commissions by request.

There is always something new happening in Marilyn's world. She counsels people to find their inner strength and consciousness for health, healing, and empowerment. Join her on the happy journey of spiritual growth.