Personal & Spiritual Growth

Add Love and Meditation
This spiritual program offers tools and shows "how to" allow your life to expand into the life that is your birthright. Love yourself and pass it on. Move into the loving presence of your Creator.

Regression and Past Life Therapy
Regression Therapy helps you uncover your childhood trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and other past catastrophes in your life so you can now live without those burdens. Past Life Therapy goes deeper into your subconscious for hidden memories of which you are still not aware. These core/soul issues needing healing, are less painful or scary in this altered state. It is also much quicker and more effective than typical counseling. Reframing your life to release and heal these messages frees you to "be yourself."

Hypnosis for Healing-Body, Mind, Soul
Your own self-inventory points out healing indicated. Receive tools and guided regressions to be a “New” person. Release the old messages creating the dis-ease in your life. Heal your soul and even change your DNA to healthy. Any illness or problem can be resolved in the subconscious, including your medical concerns, bipolar disorder, and dyslexia. When your thinking is healed, your life is healed. Claim your life.

Let There Be Peace and Let It Begin with Me
This program inspires and motivates you to find your inner peace and happiness. With new tools and a changed attitude you can uncover harmony and serenity. My journey shows anyone can move into blissful experiences.


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