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I was fortunate to be asked to have my own radio program, “Solutions With Marilyn.” Join me, as I interview authors and experts alike, in many of the non-traditional and spiritual fields.

Tune in and enjoy my two most recent interviews!

In the first interview, I was asked to be on “Shannon’s Corner” to discuss “No Child Left Behind” and I brought many important educational issues to light. With my 50 years of teaching experience, I am here to assist others in finding a new direction, one that encourages innovative and creative thinking.

In the second interview, Gail Sinclair of “Steps To Manage” interviewed me as a holistic health counselor focusing on Anorexia. This interview highlights the process for recovery and regaining your life.

Guest Date & Topic of Discussion Listen
Marilyn Redmond 02/07/07 No Child Left Behind Listen
Marilyn Redmond

03/06/06 Anorexia

Marilyn Redmond 05/03/2011 Past Life Regression Listen
Marilyn Redmond 12/03/10 Don't Argue for Your Limitations Listen
John Van Auken 08/28/02 Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. Listen
Bruce Barr

08/21/02 Edgar Cayce's Products

Connie Kaplan 08/14/02 Dreams are Letters from the Soul Listen
Dr. Mitchell Gibson 08/07/02 Mental Illness and Astrology Listen
Rev. Ted Nottingham 07/31/02 Author of Spiritual Novels Listen

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