Marilyn Redmond CHT, IBRT
Marilyn Redmond moved into the 21st Century. The key to meeting the changing needs in a changing world includes a new perception of who we are. A new approach to education combines the best in instruction with expanding horizons beyond the subject matter.

Marilyn taught kindergarten classes through college in her 50 years of teaching. Currently, she is an international award winning author, speaker, consultant, and counselor for raising your consciousness. Her awakening to love, courage, and wisdom brought a new approach to her life. She incorporates this knowing into her presentations.

Changing from being a victim to being fearless and without limits has brightened Marilyn's days and brought understanding about the dynamics of life, illness, addiction and disease. Her heart-felt inspirational and interactive programs evolved from traumatic personal experiences of mental and physical abuse, mental illness, attempted suicide, and alcoholism.

Marilyn motivates, inspires, and "shows you how" to build more reality with self-esteem, emotional security, and caring into your life from the inside out by her example. The idea that we teach who we are is the goal of her speaking, writing and counseling.

Marilyn has just completed her latest book, "Paradigm Busters: Reveal the Real You". You will find her educational articles, interviews, empowerment video and more at her web site: angelicasgifts. Read Marilyn's articles and latest E-Books at Marilyn's Books on Amazon.


  • Take a Fearless Step Forward. Achieve Your Fullest Potential: Empowerment
  • Educational Excellence
  • Sanity vs. Insanity: Happy, Joyous and Free of Addiction
  • Optimum Health through Holistic Healing
  • Hypnosis for Healing-Body, Mind, Soul
Marilyn always does a good job and her presentations are always insightful, interesting, helpful and well presented. - Cal McDonald, Counselor

I very much enjoyed the real life stories and examples. Marilyn is an excellent speaker and down-to-earth. Corrine Thompson, Educator

Thanks, Marilyn. It is often difficult to get those in our immediate surrounds to realize what we can do! I think you have made such a difference in many lives-by example and by what you have aided others in achieving in their healing growth. Again, many thanks and Blessings to You. Germaine Morgan, Consultant

Marilyn understands addiction better than most doctors. Dr. George Zerr, Psychiatrist

I'm so proud of you! What a wonderful accomplishment! Sidney Kirkpatrick, New York Times Best Selling Author

Your story is very inspirational. Thank you for being a living, breathing, and example. Beth Aylard, Student

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Marilyn Redmond's areas of expertise include:

Addiction, Drugs, and the Family Disease