Educational Topics

Knowledge is not all from Books and Tests: A New Model for a New Era
Build excellence in education. In this program I provide information to move out of limited thinking to see the possibilities. We need a balance between left and right brain experiences. Learning is about experience and self-expression in the midst of basic education. Changing the perception for future goals in education moves us forward.

A Drug, is a Drug, is a Drug
This program of alcohol and drug education presents truth and facts not usually told in the media. This illness was declared a disease by the American Medical Association in 1956. The solution for a daily reprieve will bring a new life style of sanity and sobriety. Marilyn shares from her personal experience and research of healing 7 addictions. With 30 years of sobriety she knows your life can improve if you are willing to do the work.

Be Your Own Hero--Empower Your Life
Students need to feel their autonomy to be successful in school and life. When shifting from victim to victor in their life, anything is possible. Success is the result of inner power that manifests in a happy life of achievement of self-esteem. My personal transformation is an example of this.

Let There Be Peace and Let It Begin with Me
This program offers inspiration and motivation for students to find happiness in their lives. Every life can transform from a change of attitude with the tools needed to accomplish this. When the person is at peace with themselves they create a peaceful environment around them. My journey to inner peace shows anyone can move into a "loving" experience.

Heart to Heart Loving Relationships
You acquire tools and inner insight into seeing any relationship from true values. Learn what you bring to a relationship. Learn new communication skills. Discover what is love? How do you find the right relationship and remain?


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