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Marilyn Redmond has been writing since as early as the 1980's. Her first project was writing and editing a newsletter named, Poor Richard's Newsletter, for Sunset Press a commercial printing company. Later, she edited and wrote for the Marriage Encounter Newsletter for Washington State.

She won several tributes in writing. Her first trophy was for being a Golden Poet at a New York poetry convention in 1991. Twice voted poet of the month by her group the Tacoma Writers Group was an honor. She won their international writing contest with the story, "All Time Victim." Subsequently Marilyn graduated from the Long Ridge Writers Course. She began attending the Santa Barbara Writer's Conference for about seven years. This brought many opportunities as an author in several anthologies.

In 1995, she began writing her first column, "Self-Help for the 90's" for the Orting Gazette. Internationally, the First Word Bulletin in Spain began publishing many of her articles in their magazine in 1996. She began her next column in 1996 called "Lighten Your Life" for the Pacific Northwest Spirit, an Edgar Cayce Newsletter that was also an international publication and appeared on the internet web site for the Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment northwest web site. After several articles appearing in the Personal Excellence and Venture Inward her writing has been mostly published in numerous newspapers and news releases. She is always offering information to inform the public of valuable issues.

Marilyn's writing includes information to support growth and development for healthy, happy, lives in prosperity. She offers her experience and wisdom from many years of searching. Her first book was "Roses Have Thorns, Encouragement on Evolving from Pain to Joy". Marilyn's next book was "The Real Meaning of 2012, A New Paradigm Bringing Heaven to Earth". In addition, to these books on, she has several E-books. Marilyn also is included in three anthologies, "The Book of Success", "Success Uncovered", and "Walking Your Life".

She has completed her latest book, "Paradigm Busters, Reveal the Real You" after 25 years. It is now available and ready for your learning and enjoyment. It is the ultimate "how to" book for all parts of your life. The testimonial is in, "A new approach for a New Age. This book contains a lifetime of wisdom and insight into the mind-body-spirit connection of healing and wholeness. If you are trying to reach new levels of health or trying to find your purpose in life, this book is a must read." ~ Dr. Kathleen Drake, Chiropractor. Get your copy today!

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