Look for the "Christ": A Deep Healing of Emotional Wounds
By Marilyn Redmond

A number of comments and situations got my attention in the last 24 hours. At a morning meeting with 40-50 people, one of the men made a sarcastic, stabling comment to me. Instead of playing the victim, as I have most of my life, I stood up for myself in the face of someone putting me down before all those people. I had been planning on saying something that fit right in and now I said it! The man didn’t like what I said, but I was glad I said it.

Then I went for an appointment with my masseuse, who was trained at the Edgar Cayce-Riley School of Massage, one of the best kept secrets in A.R.E. She commented I must still have more work to do or the pain in my knees would not be persisting. She knew I had discontinued the use of Ibuprofen and had decided to trust God for my healing of this chronic condition. Despite all the previous work I had done, the message of the pain was not getting through to me; the pain endured.

After another meeting that evening, I felt out of place and disconnected from the people and groups I had encountered that day; those who had been my lifeline and support many years. Something did not feel right. Like I did not belong; not wanting to participate anymore. A feeling of not being accepted, just like the old days. Just a few minutes of thinking showed me that my ego’s messages were back.

To console myself, back at home before bed, I looked through the TV movies and found a movie called,”The Devil Wears Prada.” It’s a classic story of an innocent girl getting into the business world, in this case the fashion world. She finds herself challenged to do seemingly impossible tasks for a demanding and impossible boss. For a while she enjoys the perks and challenges, but upon the loss of her boyfriend, she takes a god look at what she is becoming. She chooses to leave the ‘devil’ and goes back to her boyfriend. She walks off smiling that she did not sell her soul to the devil and heads off to find a new position.

The next morning, I felt very tired and not ready to get up. After writing in my journal, I received a letter from God to help me understand yesterday. Musing on His response to my concerns, I went into a meditative state. My mind drifted. It said to see the other person and situation as innocent and to shine the light of Christ on the circumstances, to see the lesson in each experience. I brought the situation and person to mind, then saw the light of Christ dissolve the person’s presence and the situation was resolved and released and I was shown the lesson for me.

So I started at birth and continued through my high school years, seeking people and circumstances as innocent and to shine the Christ light on each situation. I found that in each instance recognizing that the emotional bonds to the person or occurrence vanished completely. This process showed me the need for this occurrence which healed a part of my soul. It was all about changing the vibrations, energy, or emotions into higher spiritual vibrations merging more with the Christ-Consciousness within. Each time, a freedom and relief was felt. I had already done years of therapy about my childhood and forgiven many things and people on a conscious level. This new process was reaching a subconscious level, reaching the very core of my soul where I needed resolution and healing. With each new healing, I felt new growth and personal strength. Moving through all my earlier experiences, even the good ones came up for me and I saw their value in giving me support and hope.

Continuing with my deep healing process, it was like no stone could be left unturned. People I had not thought about for many years surfaced. Interestingly, again in every instance, I saw their innocence, saw the Christ light in the situation and released them. Seeing their role in the drama of my life was an amazing reality.

Not being recognized and acknowledged as Valedictorian in high school become a lesson of humility. The school changed to celebrating the Top Ten students that very year. Neither my parents nor any other family members recognized my achievement. I wanted that recognition and acceptance so badly especially from my parents. Now, I know, the time was wrong for me, as I was not ready to overcome being the victim yet. This new healing process allowed me to see the value in what I had previously seen as a hugely humiliating experience. This lesson showed me that until I saw myself as a valuable person, worthwhile and successful, I could not receive it from others.

Finally, I understood why I dated some fellows, why some would not date me, and how I ended up in domestic violence. During treatment for addictions, I was told to “Look for the Good.” I had spent years consciously forgiving my ex-husband for the domestic violence. Now I placed him and the violence in the light of the Christ and saw that he volunteered to play this part for me. I saw that he was really my salvation and was able to heal at a soul level. He also came to me in spirit, even though he is still alive, and asked, “Do you know how hard it was for me to play that part for you? I loved you so much, that I volunteered to do it. ” This kind of soul healing is truly miraculous.

Every experience I called traumatic was actually a balancing of old Karma, past lives that needed to be resolved, so I could move out of reincarnating after this lifetime. These experiences were also showing me information about the dynamics of life to share and write about for others to better understand. I even saw how it affected my health and other predicaments I have overcome. When I saw the Christ and released each circumstance, I knew I moved much closer to God. The Christ Consciousness…is the only source of healing for a physical or mental body. 60-4

I have transcended beyond looking for the good and see the Christ in all situations; the results are even more profound. This is bringing “thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” as described in the Lord’s Prayer. There are in truth no incurable conditions 3744-2 made perfect sense to me. I had created all of my life experiences for my soul’s growth. Everyone played their parts so well. Their parts were for me to balance my life. I was ready to walk out of the drama that is described in the book “Autobiography of a Yogi”.

We are diamonds in the rough and each facet is shined by our turning to God in every happening in our life, conscious and subconscious. Cayce said we will go through every situation in life to move back to God. Our angels and guides are always working to set up the conditions for this to occur.

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