Alcohol and Other Addictions
Addictions have a pattern that is similar. Explore the underlying dynamics of addiction. Being politically correct can cause death. It is a disease according to the American Medical Society in 1956. There are daily steps to take for remission and a return to sanity while staying sober.

Alcohol Affects the Whole Family
Learn why alcohol affected the whole family and what you can do about it. You deserve your sanity, too. There are many tools to break co-dependency to the one drinking or in sobriety. There is recovery for all the members and friends of alcoholics. Reclaim your own life.

A Drug, is a Drug, is a Drug
This program of alcohol and drug education presents truth and facts not usually told in the media. This illness was declared a disease by the American Medical Association in 1956. The solution for a daily reprieve will bring a new life style of sanity and sobriety. Marilyn shares from her personal experience and research of healing 7 addictions. With 30 years of sobriety she knows your life can improve if you are willing to do the work.


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